The cosmetic dentist who treats stars and regular human beings alike

What is the common thread in these celebrities – Wayne Brady of Whose line is it anyway; Mr Piers Morgan the lead news anchor; Miss Sweden; Miss California and several other beauty queens? The answer is their smile dentist is Dr Joseph Goodman All of these celebrities and others are clients of the world-renowned cosmetic dentist from Beverly Hills. His clients span continents and countries with the result that sometimes his plush office in Beverly Hills resembles a United Nations gathering.

When these famous people speak, you can feel the confidence around them. The air is thick with their confidence and positive attitudes. Apart from their achievements their smiles are infectious. If you were to ask some of these people who they are meeting the answer is unanimous in the reply “Smile Doctor.”

The sobriquet rests lightly on the shoulders of this down to Earth Cosmetic doctor. His demeanour is gentle, and the charming personality immediately envelops you in warmth. Dr. Joseph Goodman is a reconstructive, rehabilitation and general dentist. He has been a pioneer in using porcelain veneers. He started the trend in the 90s when dental science was grappling with adhesion and materials. His colleagues were sceptical of his efforts in using porcelain veneers. His efforts earned labels such as ‘unpredictable’ and ‘unrealistic.’ Dr Goodman persevered, and soon material science paved the way for porcelain to become a spectacular success. Dr Goodman’s veneers fixed two decades back are still helping patients well.

Dr Joseph Goodman, DDS Reviews forum, has stellar examples of the regard te patients have for this gentle doctor. Reading several entries informs the reader of how confidence has returned to their (patient’s) lives. Most of them admit that it has been a life changing moment.  A perusal of the picture gallery that depicts before and after reconstruction is an excellent example of Dr Goodman’s skill. Reading reviews on Health line, Docs post, Yelp, Bing and other web portals indicate the depth of experience.

It is not only celebrities who benefit from Dr Goodman’s treatments; there are several senior citizens and ordinary citizens who consult him for improving their smile and also enhance overall dental health.


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