Smile magician in Beverly Hills

There is an adage that has been part of Mankind since time immemorial. The aphorism goes something like this “When your smile is peaceful the world appears to smile back.” Before the art of the smile became a science a peaceful smile belonged to those people such as Saints. The enigmatic smile of Mona Lisa is a striking example of a peaceful smile.

The Mona Lisa smile says it all such as sharing a smile with the world – as a universal symbol of friendship and peace. Today such smiles are in the hands of cosmetic dentists. Sometimes they are explained as smile magicians. There is no doubting the veracity of the magician explanation. Most celebrities swear by the skill of their cosmetic specialist such as Dr Joseph Goodman. This celebrated smile dentist is among a handful of ‘magicians’ among the elite. He practices in Beverly Hills in LA, California. This is the land of Hollywood where stars are made and others aspire to be one; this is the place where a smiling face is the calling card to enter studios. If you are refused entry into the studio gates (guess the power of the security guard) your career is going nowhere.

Several movie stars (before they became famous) have extolled the wonderful work of Dr Goodman in Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS Reviews web portal. He is a gentle down-to-earth personality. You never hear of him extolling his own success. His work speaks for him. Dr Goodman knows every aspect of restorative and cosmetic dentistry; his passion is bringing smiles to his patients; it does not matter whether they are sports stars, movie celebrities, noted politicians or the man/woman on the street going about their day-to-day work; they are all the same to him. He is happy when he sees smiles on their faces


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