Meet Beverly Hills’ cosmetic dentist extraordinaire

Among the crème de la crème of cosmetic dentists, the name of Dr Joseph Goodman is synonymous with creating beautiful smiles with just the slight touch of imperfection. In a contradictory statement, Dr Goodman is Mr Perfect in his approach to dental practice, but his smiles have the natural appearance which does not appear to be manufactured. Such is the skill and tools available at his Beverly Hills Plaza of Cosmetic Dentistry that patients from all over the world are eager to consult him such as Prince Obaid of Saudi Arabia and Nadia Mejia (Miss Malibu 20`165) among others.

Dr Goodman‘s forte is creating beautiful smiles that bring out the inner persona of the individual. Besides this skill his dental centre practices all aspects of dentistry. Among the latest diagnostic tools with this state-of-the-art dental clinic is the laser cavity detector which detects hidden cavities. The laser device emits zero radiation and is non-invasive. Dr Lisa Kim is an invaluable team member of Dr Goodman and with his group for over a decade.

Dr Goodman earned his dental qualifications between 1990 and 1996 from the University of Aachen in Germany. This University is among the best dental teaching establishments in Europe. He achieved the degree of DMD with honours, and after that, he relocated to Los Angeles after gaining working experience in Switzerland and other parts of Europe. His training in Germany has covered every aspect of dentistry ranging from extractions, reconstructive dentistry, and dental surgery.

He passed the California Dental Board Certifications at UCLA and also earned another degree of DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery). Dr Joseph Goodman is eminently qualified in the domain of prosthodontics (reconstructive surgery) and cosmetic dentistry due to his constant participation in learning techniques and achieving academic honours through post-doctoral courses.

A web search of Dr Joseph Goodman DDS Reviews gives interesting insights about patient’s experiences. The positive nature of the experiences reflects the gratitude of the patients. Restoring the smiles through the skill of Dr Goodman and his team brings about increased confidence and a boost to the self-esteem which is incalculable.



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