Dr. Joseph Goodman – The Expert Dentist offering Advanced Facilities

Beverly Hills Holistic Dentist supports your choice to live a healthier, more natural and less toxic life. We bridge the gap between, conventional clinical dentistry and natural healing. Dr. Joseph Goodman, one of the top cosmetic dentist practices all the aspects of dentistry and specialises in creating the most beautiful smiles with all porcelain restoration such as crowns and veneers. He also incorporates Invisalign “invisible braces”, teeth whitening, laser dentistry, dental implant and much more.

Offering a slew of facilities

Dr Joseph Goodman provides you various facilities like:

  • We provide state-of-art digital x-rays which are 90% fewer radiations.
  • We prefer “Huggins protocol” for safe mercury removal of safe amalgam removal with an oxygen mask, rubber dam and removing Amalgam fillings in one piece, rather than grinding the old mercury filling in a messy soup of saliva, water, and amalgam waste.
  • Mercury-free dentistry.
  • Fluoride-free dentistry.
  • BPA-free dentistry.
  • Ozone dentistry, ozone cleaning and application of ozone for your gun, root canals, and infection control.
  • Chemical free sterilization of dental instruments.
  • Use of biocompatible dental materials.
  • Diagnodent (this is a no x-ray submitting device with the aid of a laser beam. It aids in the deletion of hidden decay)
  • Clifford tests which require a blood test to match the proper dental materials with your individual body.
  • Mercury and other heavy metals analysis.
  • Natural supplements such as Chlorella to eliminate heavy metals in your body.


The trendsetter

Dr Joseph Goodman also made its list of the top cosmetic dentists across the world and affiliated with several of the most prestigious dental organisations in the world. Dr. Joseph Goodman is the very first cosmetic dentist in the Germany uses porcelain veneers in the early ’90 when veneers were not as commonly used due to limitations in adhesion and material available at the time. Most of Dr Joseph Goodman’s veneers placed 20 years ago are still serving patients well.

The foremost choice of clients

As per the Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews, clients consider him as the greatest and the best dentist in Beverly Hills. Dr Joseph Goodman can also suggest you treatments of your daily problems like bad breath, gum disease, Esophagus and many systemic diseases like fetor hepatic, lung infections, renal failure, trimethylaminuria, carcinoma, and diabetic Mellitus. If you want a healthy and attractive smile, call Dr. Joseph Goodman today and let them bring your smile in a healthier manner.


Dr. Joseph Goodman – The Awarded Dentist Ensuring Relieved Patients

Dr. Joseph Goodman was awarded “top Beverly Hills veneer dentist” and is one of the most elite dentists in the Los Angeles in cosmetic and veneer dentistry. Apart from restoring 10,000 porcelain veneers and crowns, he also remade a significant number of veneers not originally done by a cosmetic dentist.  Experience, knowledge, use of the best material available and a world class master lab technician are the factors that contribute towards Dr. Joseph Goodman’s great success. Major celebrities, singers, TV anchors, middle eastern sheikhs and members of middle eastern royalties trust Dr Goodman with their front teeth, the most sensitive and important part of any smile.

Dedicated to dentistry

He has written many articles about veneers and has featured in magazines, the Los Angeles Times on TV. He has been awarded several “top dentist” and “top veneer dentist in Beverly Hills” awards and certificates in cosmetic and porcelain veneer dentistry. Dr. Joseph Goodman DDS reviews by satisfied clients laud him as the best dentist in the Beverly Hills. He is an active member of many international cosmetic dental societies, many dentists choose Dr Goodman to do their own veneers. He is the only dentist that back up his cosmetic dental work with a guarantee that you will be happy with the results or the work will be redone at no charge until you are fully satisfied.

Highly experienced

Dr  Joseph Goodman, the top Beverly Hills Veneer Dentist is experienced in all three categories like “The no preparation, conventional preparation, and the very minimal preparation veneer techniques”.  He is able to give you the best option available when you make your decision as to which technique you want to use. Dr. Joseph Goodman always tells his patients that if a person comments that your teeth have beautiful crowns or veneers, then the veneers are a failure. Nobody should be able to distinguish veneers from natural teeth.




Consult Dr. Joseph Goodman to Know More about the Advances of Porcelain Veneers

Heading several noteworthy lectures at leading organisations, Dr. Joseph Goodman is one of the most prominent experts in the field of cosmetic dentistry. Having hands-on knowledge and skills about different dental procedures, he provides significant emphasis on the latest advancements taking place in the realm of dental veneers.

Being the much sought-after cosmetic dental procedures among celebrities, the technology of dental veneers has come across huge transformation over the years.

What dental veneers are?

If you are continuously seeking for a healthy and beautiful smile, dental veneers are one of the best measures that you can adopt. These are a thin yet strong lamination for your teeth available in the form of custom-made shells. Particularly made from either composite material or porcelain, these veneers have to do much more with your dental health than just resolving the problem of teeth discoloration.

Providing a natural appeal to your teeth appearance, these veneers can effectively treat the problems of chips, minor crookedness as well as gaps as recommended by Dr. Goodman. Having served hundreds of celebrities with advanced veneer technology, he ranks among the top cosmetic dentists in Beverly Hills as per Joseph Goodman DDS reviews.

Understanding the latest advancements

Going through several technological advancements, the latest and the best alternative of dental veneers are porcelain veneers. The major difference between a porcelain veneer and other tradition forms of veneers is their process of making. Earlier, the dentists used to paint these porcelain veneers by their hands over every tooth, commonly known as feldspathic veneers. The major drawback of such veneers was their thickness that caused inconvenience to the patients.

However, with the advancement of technology, the super strong and ultra-thin layers of porcelain veneers eventually replaced the traditional ones. Manufactured in the dental laboratory, these veneers offer complete ease of installation to the dentists, as they do not require buffing your teeth anymore. After looking at Dr Joseph Goodman DDS reviews, patients are seeking useful advice from him about modern and effective porcelain veneers in large numbers.

Do you really require veneers?

Although veneers come with multifarious benefits for you in terms of providing utmost dental health and beautiful smile, you need to primarily understand whether your existing dental conditions qualify for veneers or not. To do so, a scheduled appointment with a skilful dentist can turn out a great help for you. They not only examine your current dental health but also evaluate your health history to provide the well-informed decision about your suitability for the treatment.

Dr. Joseph Goodman – Suggesting Important Tips to Deal with Bleeding Gums

Dr Joseph Goodman, a respectable and well-qualified cosmetic dentist in LA has always been a crucial part of various lectures on dental diseases. One of the major diseases on which he provides noteworthy and effective solutions is gum diseases. The problem of bleeding gums is quite common among people of all age groups. It causes inflammation in your gum lines that can further lead to the greater impact on the bone surrounding as well as supporting your teeth.

Stages and symptoms of gum diseases

A gum disease majorly occurs in three different stages namely – gingivitis (showing the least symptom), periodontitis as well as advanced periodontitis (most severe stage). At times, it may cause no pain to you thereby leaving you unaware of its severe consequences. Thus, you need to keep in mind some of the key symptoms of gum problems such as –

  • Tender, bleeding, swollen or red gums.
  • Gums that move away or recede from your tooth.
  • Loose teeth conditions
  • Persistent bad taste or bad breath in the mouth.
  • Visibility of pus around the gums and teeth.

Important dental care tips

Occupying the top position in cosmetic dentistry as per Dr Joseph Goodman DDS reviews, he also suggests several important tips for the patients to prevent them from the severe effects of gum diseases. If you observe any of the above-mentioned symptoms with your teeth, you can still control it yourself by adopting the following crucial tips –

  • Adopt good oral habits – Proper brushing, as well as flossing of your teeth, is among the best measures to stay away from gum diseases. Dr Goodman strongly recommends you to include brushing habit twice daily while flossing at least once. In addition to this, you can also include the intake of antiseptic mouthwash in your routine habit.
  • Get regular dental check-up – Obtaining proper diagnosis of your teeth on a regular time interval from a reputed dentist is also a significant option that can prevent you from severe effects of gum diseases. The dentist will help you in analysing any kind of swelling, irritation or bleeding in the course teeth cleaning. Furthermore, they also help you in examining the position of your jaws, teeth as well as bridges and crowns.

Considering this useful advice, most of his patients rank him as the best dentist in LA in Joseph Goodman DDS reviews.

Cosmetic dentistry: A brief guide to the popular processes

The value of your teeth is not only the usability but also the aesthetics. Your smile depends on the quality of your teeth. And your smile, in turn, is an important aspect of your personality. It is one of the elements you need when you want to make a strong first impression.

Dental aesthetics include color, shape, size, positions, alignment as well as the overall appearance.

When do you consider cosmetic dentistry?

  • Tooth decay – could be the first time or a recurring one.
  • Abrasion of the tooth resulting in changing shape and size of the teeth.
  • Redo of previous restorative process
  • Change in colour of the teeth due to staining.
  • Anomalies
  • Irregular spacing of the teeth and alignment

What are the different types of cosmetic dentistry processes involved?

  • Whitening: This is the bleaching of the teeth in order to remove discoloration or stains. This could be done at home with over-the-counter strips or with home remedies; or professionally by a cosmetic dentist. Laser whitening is another process, which shows six times better results than other processes.


  • Reshaping: It might either be a tiny chip in a tooth or just unusually long teeth. Various procedures come into play to reshape the faulting tooth or to rectify the chip or just overall improve the look of the teeth.


  • Bonding: This is also for reshaping the teeth. In this process, the shape of the tooth is redone as desired using a dental composite, which looks identical to your tooth enamel. The composite material is then hardened and polished to give the final touch.


  • Veneers: This a process where reshaping of the tooth or filling up of the small unwanted gaps between two teeth happen using laminates application on the teeth. The laminates are of porcelain and it bonds perfectly with the teeth.


  • Bridges: In this process, politics (false teeth) come into use to fill a bigger gap, usually arising because of a missing tooth. After installing the porcelain laminates, if there is still a gap left, a pontic comes in use to fill the gap.

These are the few popular processes that are usually done as part of cosmetic dentistry treatment. The choice of the process for you will depend on various factors and you will need to consult a dental expert before you finalise.

The results depend on the expert you choose

Choose your dental expert carefully and ensure that he hold the degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) at the least. Exploring the experts in your area is highly recommended. For example, Beverly Hills has a highly certified and experienced doctor, Dr. Joseph Goodman, DDS, who is highly sought after because of his experience and high quality of work. The reviews of his work are great and the footfalls at his clinic are proof to his expertise.

Cosmetic dentistry: How to find the right expert?

Are you concerned about the condition of your teeth? Is it facing some health issue like decaying or gum recession, or your look is diminishing due to chipping or simple wearing out of the teeth? Whatever be the reason, if you want to correct it, you need a dental specialist for consultation and treatment. The question is how do you find the right one?

Your first few steps towards searching for a dental expert:

  • Recommendation: Almost every family has a family dentist or a regular one they visit. Ask around among your family members, friends or even your colleagues at work. You will surely get enough names to compile a list.


  • Help: Your family physician or the local pharmacist might be able to give you the quality reference of the doctor, as per your requirement.


  • Medical Reference: If you are shifting location, you can easily ask your current dentist to recommend someone in the new place you are shifting too.


  • Official Reference: The local or state dental society will be able to give you names as well as reviews of the professionals.

Remember, do not make one visit and choose your dentist, but rather visit a couple of dental experts before finalising on one.

Points to Keep in Mind

As you move towards finalising your dentist, check for these qualities:

  • Educated: A specialist who ensures the well-being of each patient by explaining and educating the patient on how to maintain and ensure oral healthcare.


  • Knowledgeable: Knowledgeable about his work which will enable him to promptly diagnose and treat the problem at hand.


  • Gentle Touch: Your mouth is a sensitive part and your dentist should cater to that by being gentle as he works.


  • Good Manual Dexterity: A good coordination between the hands and fingers will help in improving the efficiency when working on intricate processes.

These are not the only checkpoints, but just a few ones to begin with. Make sure you choose the right dentist who will take good care of your oral health whether it is the usability of the teeth or the aesthetic value.

In Beverly Hills

If you are looking for a cosmetic dental expert in Beverly Hills, Dr. Joseph Goodman, DDS, DMD is a name with numerous positive patient reviews. He is also someone who fits the bill in terms of the above-mentioned pointers. An expert in cosmetic dentistry including porcelain veneers and crown restorations, teeth whitening, laser dentistry and cosmetic bonding, he is your one stop solution to most cosmetic dental requirements.


Dr. Joseph Goodman – The Top Notch Cosmetic Dentist in LA and Beverly Hills

Cosmetic dentistry is a distinctive branch of medical science that particularly deals with the diversity of procedures such as bonding, crowns, bridges, braces, teeth whitening, enamel contouring, veneers and others. Do you feel something is lacking in your smile? Do you want a perfectly elusive smile? If yes, then Dr. Joseph Goodman is one of the well-known cosmetic dentists operating in LA and Beverly Hills.

Having international acclamation and superior level of qualification, Dr Goodman enjoys a trusted label among various celebrities, models as well as ordinary folks. He practices in almost every crucial aspect of dentistry thereby providing utmost satisfaction to his patients through long-lasting and effective solutions. Some of his exclusive cosmetic procedures of dentistry include laser dentistry and dental implants that can surely bring an enlightening smile on your face.

A symbol of trust

If you consider the Joseph Goodman DDS reviews, he is surely a manifestation of trust and reliability when it comes to serving excellence in the field of reconstructive and cosmetic dentistry. Having graduated from the top dental school in Germany namely the University of Aachen, Dr Goodman holds significant expertise in prosthetic dentistry. In fact, he has become the earliest practitioner of porcelain veneers in LA.

Furthermore, his professional skills and hands-on approach towards procedures helped him to achieve the immense level of success over the years. He has become one of the much-preferred dentists among hundreds of patients who are seeking for ideal dental health by ensuring timely maintenance.

An unconventional dentist

Every patient has its own scent of dental needs and solutions that may vary from person to person. A dentist having significant years of experiences as well as expertise in this field can easily deal with all your respective dental issues with efficiency. If you are still seeking for an ideal dentist to obtain complete makeover of your smile, you must go through Dr Joseph Goodman DDS reviews.

According to these reviews, Dr Goodman is surely a man of unconventional intelligence and skills specialising in various procedures including the complicated and complex constructive one.