The best of the best Cosmetic Dentist in Beverly Hills

Dr. Joseph Goodman is a name synonymous with the best of the best Cosmetic Dentistry in Beverly Hills. His fame and skills spread beyond geographical boundaries of LA as many people come from all over the United States to consult him; it is not any accident that he has come to this recognition.

Born and trained in Germany’s the the University of Aachen where he graduated “Magna cum Laude” in achieving the Doctor of Medical Dentistry with high honours. Thereafter he pursued the practice of Dentistry working in reputed centres in Switzerland, Germany and England. In 1998, he decided to live in the United States where despite his stellar academic qualifications and experience he undertook further studies as he acquired his second academic degree of Doctor of Dental Surgery and obtained the coveted certificate from California Dental Board at UCLA. He continued his pursuit of higher learning as he participated in the postgraduate program of Advanced Education in Prosthodontics and Advanced Education In General Dentistry.

Armed with knowledge and skill honed from years of practice allowed Dr. Joseph Goodman to establish Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist Center which is now a landmark institution. The well-appointed clinic has pioneered restorative dentistry with the use of porcelain veneers and crowns. Awarded several times as a top dentist he backs his work with a guarantee. Perusing Joseph Goodman DDS review, this feature comes across in vivid fashion and there is not a single negative experience refuting this guarantee. In fact, Joseph Goodman DDS review is a benchmark many elite dentists aspire but few have managed to achieve.

His veneers apart from the excellent quality of manufacturing is very skillfully set, contoured and finished that there is no discerning from the original teeth on which the veneer is placed. The shape, size, colour and tooth position alters the smile in a subtle and yet dramatic fashion which proclaims the true art of restoring the smile. He can be called the godfather of instant orthodontics. Porcelain veneers can do wonders in two to three weeks of treatment what conventional braces do in two years.

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