There is no such thing as a perfect smile (except in Hollywood)

Nature is imperfect. Anything natural is imperfect. The word symmetrical in nature is just not there the reason being there is no mirror for giving back reversed reflection. The correct word or happening in nature is balance and harmony. There is just no black or white rather it is various shades of black and equally important white. Dr. Joseph Goodman the Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist is perhaps the right man to talk about various shades of white.

Over a period nearing two decades Dr. Joseph Goodman has photographed, studied, researched thousands of teeth and he can assert that teeth are not at all white. He also states that teeth are not one hundred percent straight. He says the perfect teeth are slightly imperfect.

He has come to this conclusion, as he is a pioneer in the use of porcelain veneers. Thin layers of porcelain (otherwise known as laminate) are bonded on the front part of the tooth. The veneers cover permanent stains, uneven teeth, gaps between teeth. The result is a brand new appearance for a smile lights up the whole face. The trick to porcelain laminates is the degree of imperfection that the skilled dentist impacts during the making of the veneer.

The knowledge and experience along with research by Dr. Goodman has enabled thousands of patients to experience the slight imperfections he creates that produces the magic of that appealing smile. He is an artist is what a grateful patient has expressed in a Joseph Goodman DDS review.

In a candid interview, Dr. Goodman attributed that God created so much detail in a smile in which dazzling white did not occur even once. This elite cosmetic dentist to stars and ordinary folk is also modest as another Joseph Goodman DDS review stated when he was congratulated for the perfect smile. He stated that veneers should look natural as God intended; the perfect veneer is not important it is the perfect smile complementing the face. Each face is different and hence every veneer is a challenge.


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